Fusion21 Announces ‘Meet the Buyer Events’ for £800 Million Major Works & Improvements Framework

 In advance of launching its new Major Works & Improvements Framework – worth £800 Million – national procurement organisation Fusion21 will be holding two ‘Meet the Buyer’ events in November.

Taking place in London (14th November) and in the North West (21st November), suppliers will have an opportunity to learn more about the framework designed to deliver commercially efficient capital works programmes across the breadth of the public sector.

The Major Works and Improvements Framework will be split into two primary work channels, one for refurbishment and the other for design and construct works.

Each will be allotted between building types covering housing, education, health, local authorities and the wider public sector with project value bands within each sector.

• Housing: (Refurbishment – up to £2m, £2m to £10m and over £10m); (Design and build – up to £5m, and over £5m)

• Education: (Refurbishment – up to £2m, over £2m); (Design and build – up to £5m, and over £5m)

• Health :( Refurbishment – up to £2m, over £2m); (Design and build – up to £5m, and over £5m)

• Local Authority and Wider Public Sector :( Refurbishment – up to £2m, over £2m); (Design and build – up to £5m, and over £5m)

Nick Verburg, Procurement and Supply Chain Manager at Fusion21 said: “These events provide an opportunity to meet our technical specialists, discuss the framework scope, our procurement process and the benefits of working with Fusion21.

“For more information on the framework scope and lotting structure, we would encourage interested suppliers to review the Prior Information Notice that has been issued on the myTenders portal (www.mytenders.co.uk) under Notice ID OCT155575.

“We welcome all suppliers to attend the events who meet the criteria outlined within the Prior Information Notice.”

Following the ‘Meet the Buyer’ events, a formal OJEU notice will be published on Monday 3rd December.

More details and tickets for these events can be found here: https://bit.ly/2RJVnuf