Fusion21’s procurement frameworks support educational institutions to increase productivity in the procurement process whilst generating cashable cost efficiencies and delivering social value.

Working with us, you will gain access to procurement knowledge from a team of technical experts, as well as a supply chain that is rigorously assessed and continuously monitored.

Educational organisations are eligible to use any of our frameworks including:

For more information about our procurement frameworks please visit our Framework Index.

Generate Social Impact

Social procurement is something that universities across the country are consciously pursuing. Fusion21 frameworks ensure compliance with the Public Service (Social Value) Act 2012.

Social value clauses are written into our procurement frameworks, ensuring you gain more than just significant efficiency savings on your procurement spend. These commitments vary for each framework, but the majority focus on delivering training and employment opportunities. We'll also support you by monitoring the delivery of outcomes

For more information on our procurement frameworks for the education sector please contact us.