Cleaning and Washroom Services DPS

Fusion21's national dynamic purchasing system (DPS) for Cleaning and Washroom Services offers a full provision of cleaning services from integrated packages to specialist services. This DPS provides a flexible and efficient procurement solution for Fusion21 Members to save money and generate social value. 

Features and Benefits

  • The DPS will remain open for new suppliers throughout its duration - allowing local suppliers, nominated suppliers or Members incumbent suppliers to be added to the tender process.
  • Access to highly skilled suppliers (SME’s and multinational organisations) with extensive knowledge, appropriate accreditations and expertise

  • Delivery of social value embedded within the Dynamic Purchasing System Supplier Terms and Conditions which allows delivery to be tailored to suit the specific requirements of each contract and Social Value can be monitored and reported against for all call offs

Key Information

The scope covers Daily/Routine Cleaning including general cleaning, consumables supply and replenishment, cleaning equipment, products and materials, waste management, collection (and disposal), washroom hygiene service (e.g. sanitary disposal, air fresheners, dust control mats, soap dispensers, hand dryers), Periodic Cleaning, including general deep cleaning (e.g. student accommodation summer turnaround cleaning), window cleaning, infection control, Reactive and Planned cleaning.

Access to

highly skilled

suppliers, both SME’s and multinational organisations

Delivery of

social value

embedded within the supplier T's & C's

Local, incumbent

or nominated suppliers can be added

Wide range of services

covered from routine to turnaround and deep cleaning


This DPS provides a range of services nationally. We’ve highlighted the supply partners appointed below:

Appointed Suppliers

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Accuro FM Ltd

AMP Cleaning & Repair Ltd

Apleona HSG
Chequers Contract Services Limited
Crystal Facilities Management
Enhance Facilities Services

Freidman FM Ltd

Fresh Clean Ltd
Ga'al Services Ltd
Goshen Multiservices Group
Hands Cleaners Ltd
Heath and Wiltshire Ltd
Intelligent Workplace Solutions Ltd

Just Ask Estate Services Limited
M&Y Maintenance and Construction Ltd

Mario Group Facility Management Limited
Maxim Facilities Management Ltd

Pendergate Ltd t/a Ridge Crest Cleaning Services

Q3 Services Group Ltd

Rubynest Ltd

Servo Securities Limited

Tenon FM Limited
The CGM Group (East Anglia) Limited


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