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Procurement with purpose

You only have one chance to get procurement right on each project. Now, more than ever, procurement is a crucial cog in the successful running of your organisation and the wellbeing of your community.

Sharing and supporting your values

Helping you accomplish more

Meeting your social and environmental targets, staying compliant with the latest policy, guidance and legislation, and achieving the best cost-efficiency and value are vital: do you have the time, knowledge, and resources in-house to accomplish all of these requirements – and more?

A good framework steers your contractors to meet your social targets and legal obligations, working together to build more positive, healthy communities. Together, we can achieve social value through your procurement - strengthening your local economy, creating local opportunities, supporting SMEs and generating transformative outcomes for your community that lead to healthier, happier individuals.

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Our Services

Working with Fusion21 injects clarity, compliance and confidence into your built environment procurement processes. We’ll help you hit your environmental and social targets, reduce costs, save valuable employee time and identify suppliers whose values, ethics and priorities align with yours. From individual frameworks to fully managed procurement services, we offer flexible levels of service and call off options, with competitive fees to suit you.

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We offer specific solutions to meet your organisation’s requirements. Every member we work with is different, so we design our approach around your needs and objectives. Spanning consultancy, management, design, installation, build and maintenance support, our public sector support solutions bridge the gaps in your internal resources and strengthen the service you deliver to the public.

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Like you, all our public sector members share a common goal: to deliver social value, environmental excellence and community impact through efficient and purposeful procurement. With a breadth of experience and a deep sector understanding, we’re here to provide support and raise impacts in your local authority, education, health, social housing or blue light organisation.

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Social Impact

You want to create real value in your local community

From creating meaningful spaces and promoting healthy habits to reducing reoffending and increasing life expectancy.

Part of that process involves implementing social value, setting and meeting appropriate targets and adhering to the latest legislation. Naturally, this can feel challenging with the time, workload and resources you have.

Our members feel the tangible advantages of working with us in their daily lives – and experience the positive impact their work has on their communities.

Ready to procure with purpose?

We work with like-minded public sector organisations, partners, and suppliers to build up communities and motivate sustainable change where it’s needed most. Our team of procurement and social value specialists is driven by a passion to make a difference. Consequently, our members benefit from our specialist knowledge and determination to help you procure more efficiently and meaningfully.

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