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Meet Jasmin Keogh: Q&A with Fusion21’s Framework Manager (Materials)

At Fusion21, member and supplier feedback is crucial in helping us shape and develop fit-for-purpose procurement services.

Having recently announced the renewal of our national Materials Supply and Associated Services Framework, Jasmin Keogh, Fusion21’s Framework Manager (Materials) discusses this new offer which has been established through direct engagement with our members, suppliers, and the wider supply chain – including manufacturers.

Tell us more about Fusion21’s Materials Supply and Associated Services Framework?

I’m delighted that our refreshed Materials Supply and Associated Services Framework - worth up to £250 million over four years - is now inviting bids from interested suppliers providing regional, or national coverage. Set to launch in September 2024, it streamlines the process of acquiring materials for repairs and maintenance works for housing providers, and the wider public sector and supports the effective management of built assets.

How does this framework address evolving needs?

Our market engagement process has enabled us to gain a real understanding of the range of materials and support services available, with a focus on the service delivery aspects as these are key in supporting our members’ operational objectives.

Responding to changing needs, this framework will assist members who are under increasing pressure to deliver efficient repairs and maintenance works by providing access to a broad range of  materials and supporting services.

We will also continue working closely with suppliers and manufacturers to identify innovative products and technologies to further improve operational efficiency, and deliver toward our members’ environmental sustainability and wider net-zero targets.

What changes have been introduced in this refreshed framework?

Several of the framework’s existing lots have been consolidated, offering benefits to both suppliers and members by developing fewer core lots and widening the scope of supplies within each.

Our current framework offers the supply of adapted bathrooms, wet rooms, and associated accessories. We have developed this further to create the Adapted and Accessible Living lot which also includes adapted kitchens; this ensures that our members can call-off their adapted bathroom and adapted kitchen requirements from the same supplier.

You’ve worked in public procurement for 12 years, what do you find most interesting about this new framework?

It's potential - this framework renewal understands the needs of housing providers and the wider public sector which will help our members achieve value for money and have a positive impact on their communities and the wider environment.

Is there anything else you want to share about the Materials Supply and Associated Services Framework?

Once launched, this framework will provide access to all goods required throughout the property life cycle, accommodate multi-year contracts, and our members will benefit from flexible call-off options, and a variety of cost models. This framework also supports members to deliver social value they can see in their communities, aligned with organisational priorities.

Tender applications are welcome:

We are currently welcoming tender applications from interested organisations that meet the criteria set out in the tender documentation, now available on the Delta e-Sourcing Portal via the following link:

The submission deadline is Friday 14 June 2024 at 10am.




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