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Procurement with purpose

Making a real impact

We work with like-minded public sector organisations, partners, and suppliers to build up communities and motivate sustainable change where it’s needed most. Our team of procurement and social value specialists is driven by a passion to make a difference. Consequently, our members benefit from our specialist knowledge and determination to help you procure more efficiently and meaningfully.


Seeing the bigger picture

Our Purpose

Instigating social impact has a ripple effect beyond project completion dates.


Together, we have the power to shape the future of your community and play a vital role in how the public, private and third sectors collaborate for good.


We take our commitment to social impact seriously and go beyond the requirements of the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 to stimulate projects, policies and practices that change organisations and society for the better.


Social Value

Expertise for our members

How we work

Trends, policies, and terminologies change, yet our priorities stay the same.


We break down barriers and create simple, accessible ways for our members to procure and deliver commercially excellent and socially impactful projects.


As a member, you have access to comprehensive frameworks, dynamic purchasing systems and expert support services, while our Foundation deepens the influence you have on your local community and environment.


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Supporting your economy and people

How we work with suppliers

To drive successful procurement projects that spark real social impact in your community, we have an outstanding supply chain of trusted contractors who share our values and goals.


We constantly monitor and rigorously assess our supply partners to hold them to the highest cost and quality standards, enabling you to track efficiencies and value throughout the lifecycle of your project and beyond.


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Why work with Fusion21

Collaborating for change

Together, we can elevate the efficiency and impact of your procurement projects through comprehensive frameworks, dynamic purchasing systems and specialist support. Discover the benefits of working with Fusion21.

Maximise social impact

Real change happens when you procure with passion and purpose. Beyond complying with the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012, each project will enable you to see sustainable, life-changing social impacts that stimulate wellbeing, security, and employability for everyone in your community.

Amplify savings and efficiencies

Save time and money, accelerate productivity, and maximise the potential of your budget through our frameworks, purchasing systems and support services. You’ll be able to demonstrate real value for money, as well as creating jobs and preserving resources.

Boost buying power

Unlocking greater economies of scale helps you gain even more savings and efficiencies for your project. As a member, you instantly have access to greater buying power by being part of something bigger, enabling you to strengthen your impact on local communities even further.


Adhere to the latest UK and EU legislation with ease and confidence using comprehensive frameworks created by technical experts. By officially documenting your values in robust frameworks, you ensure you only work with like-minded suppliers who support your social and environmental agendas.

Run projects quickly and efficiently

Mobilise projects with speed and assurance, monitoring their progress against your KPIs and social targets seamlessly using our proven frameworks and support services.

Discover outstanding suppliers

Find exceptional, prequalified suppliers and contractors in your area and access contract management support if you need it. With the right team in place, your project is optimised for maximum social impact and efficiency.

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