Social Value Through Planning

We support local authorities and developers to deliver training, education and employment opportunities through the use of planning processes.

To date, we’ve supported more than 600 beneficiaries and delivered more than 19,000 training weeks to kick-start careers and provide access to accredited training for young people and the unemployed.

Working with local authorities

If you’re a planning authority or if you ever procure capital works, we can help you to kick-start the careers of local people - by providing a series of integrated systems, processes and procedures.

Our fully integrated end to end service can help you to ensure communities and local businesses directly benefit from new developments; help meet your social value objectives and support contractors to deliver social value outcomes.

Working with developers 

If you're a developer actively involved in submitting planning applications and proposals we can support you to forecast the employment and training opportunities that could be generated by a development, and help you to demonstrate how your projects will enhance local communities.

Working with your appointed contractor, we’ll develop a social value delivery plan; embedding targets into procurement processes to ensure effective supply chain engagement. 

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